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I am curious if which one is overall better by movepool, attack stats, etc. Keep in mind that I will be using this for Battle Tower Single Battles and Wi-Fi battles. Please also include some pros and cons of them as well. Thanks in advance!

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It actually depends on what you are using for them(special or physical)
- nice special attack at 125
- Decent bulk @92/90/90
- Pretty diverse movepool with great moves and coverage
- Levitate is a decent ability
- Special: Draco meteor, dragon pulse, flamethrower/fire blast, dark pulse, flash cannon, hydro pump/surf/tri attack/nasty plot
Choice specs with Draco meteor can do a lot of damage
I advise again at physical as its higher attack stat is physical but if you want

- hard for it to ko fairies with flash cannon without a nasty plot or choice specs boost.
- a fairy move normally spells certain death.
- typing in a way debuffs it as it get hit bad by common moves like you turn and any fighting attack.
-98 spe is decent but still is a bit slow.

Conflict between special or physical
- Excellent [email protected] 142
- powerful and fast sweeper with 120 atk/100sp.atk
- very diverse special movepool - similar to hydreigon's
- nice abilities with clear body - blocking intimidate (if physical) and sticky web.
Infiltrator going pass sub and others

- slight low [email protected]/75/75
- shallow physical movepool

For move set:

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Thanks!  That really helped.  I think I will use Hydreigon, that is once I can trade for it when I get Nintendo Online.