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Title says it all.

Krookodile has even more bulk and Attack even if Krokorok holds Eviolite. Krookodile was obviously the better choice.

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Eviolite Krokorok is useless since it's not a defensive Pokemon. Just use Krook.

Thanks for the answer!
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Since an Eviolite raises the user's Defense and Special Defense by 50% if they are not fully-evolved, I'd go with Krookodile being better defensively in both the Physical and Special departments compared to Krokorok.

Krokorok's Defense and Special Defense, with the Eviolite, are (45 multiplied by 1.5) 67.5.
Krookodile's Defense is 80 and its Special Defense is 70.

That's not how eviolite works. Eviolites multiply after taking levels, EVs, IVs, and natures into account. Depending on the set, eviolites can have very little effect or make a big difference.
I know how it works, it raises a not-fully-evolved Pokémon's Defense and Special Defense stats by 50%. It has nothing to do with Natures or IVs or EVs. Don't tell me I DO NOT KNOW how it works because I DO know how it works!

It has everything to do with natures, EVs and IVs. What sumwun is saying is that Eviolite doesn't apply to the base stat as you've suggested, it applies to the Pokemon's actual, fully calculated stat (which considers all those things in its calculation). So it's not exactly 45 * 1.5, but rather [Krokorok's stat] * 1.5. Again that stat is not the base stat, it's the full stat like you see on the Pokemon's summary page. Eviolite would be much less helpful if it only affected base stats.
Keep your chill mate, he's only trying to help.
Sorry, I was just basing my answer on the base stat to make it simpler, since it's on the site and accessible to all.
When you simplify an answer so much that it becomes wrong, it's better to leave it complicated.