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For my x/y-team which dark type should I have?
So far my team is Chesnaught, Charizard, Lucario, and Aegislash


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Absol has actually fairly good stats, approaching the excellence when Mega-Evolved. It has a great movepool, allowing mixed sets with Fire Blast, Megahorn, Thunderbolt and Sucker Punch and may other options, like Ice Beam, Psycho Cut and Superpower but what's really captivating is the Mega-Absol: Magic Bounce. It bounces back Leech Seed, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, Thunder wave, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp... to the foe. Good, uh ? Excellent, not only decent. The main issue is the speed, but a speed-favoring nature must arrange it.

Houndoom is definitively your choice with Mega-Charizard Y because of moves like SolarBeam and Flamethrower. It has fairly good stats and the best speed out of the three, with the best special attack. It has an OK movepool and it may take Fire hits because 3 Pokémon of your team are weak to Fire, with Flash Fire.

Krookodile is a physical sweeper with Outrage, Earthquake and Crunch + Moxie. If you want a super sweepy team, he's your choice. Actually, I would say it has a rather good movepool with nice abilities.

I would definitively go for Houndoom without Houndoomnite and Flash Fire to tank Fire hits which screw easily your team. Hope I helped !

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I thought it was Magic Bounce.
Houndoom also loses Flash Fire when it gets Mega'd; it gets Solar Power instead.
@ End: Fixed.
@ Fondant: Without Houndoomnite. He can keep the Mega-Stone for Lucario.
Ooooh because you said without Houndoomite and Flash Fire, so I thought you meant without both and I thought you meant with? Idk maybe my understanding of syntax is messed up.
Nope. It happens to everybody ;)
thx alot man!
It is my pleasure to help out :)
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Krookodile. But I'm biased because mine served me very well in White.

It's becomes unstoppable with Moxie, and it'll serve you well against Clemont and Olympia, as well as Wikistrom and Malva. It can learn Rock Slide & Stone Edge, which will cover the flying immunity to its STAB ground.

Even though it's adding another Fairy weakness, I'd say your more pressing worry is your Ground weakness, especially if you have Mega Charizard X. There's also your rather obvious fire weakness and nothing that has super effective moves against fire types. I also assume that your last slot will most likely be a water type, considering you need something to use Surf, so the extra Water/ Ice weakness isn't that pressing.

Krookodile has some nice immunities as well in Psychic & Electric. Chesnaught doesn't have very good sp. def, so taking an electric hit might not be as easy as first thought.

As for Absol & Houndoom, I find the former too slow (you don't get the mega stone until after the game), and Houndoom is adding another ground weakness to your team. I'm also pretty sure you don't get Houndoomite until after you finish the game.