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I recently caught a Torkoal, and I want to use it for Wulfric, and probably keep it on the team for the rest of the game. I have two options to get rid of: an Avalugg that's pretty weak and isn't pulling its weight, or a Xerneas, which I don't really need because I have a Dedenne. The rest of my team is Greninja, Delcatty, Dedenne, and Gourgeist. Which should be replaced?

You should probably drop Dedenne because its stats are weak, and it can't evolve.
It's been on my team a while, and I'm attached. I don't really know if I can let it go. Avalugg and Xerneas are more recent captures.
I'd either get rid of Dedenne or Avalugg, personally. But if you want to keep either Pokémon, you can always put the Pokémon in your PC until you need it again.
I'm thinking either Avalugg or Xerneas, probably no one else.

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Personally, I would say drop Avalugg. The amount of positive matchups you have left for it is literately Drasana. (who can be taken care of by Xerneas and slightly Dedenne) meanwhile, Torkoal has nice matchups to help with Wulfric and Winkstrom. (Or however you say the Steel-leader's name)

Torkoal should help you out. Bring Avalugg only in an emergency where an upset kills something.

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Alright. Thank you.