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So I'm at the elite four in my sapphire run, and I've ground up my entire team to at least level 50, with a couple being higher-levelled.

the team:

Swampert lv60
Aggron lv51
Swellow lv50
Hariyama lv50
Sableye lv50
Ludicolo lv50

How much more grinding should I do before I take on the elite four?

Sableye should probably grind more because its stats are lower.

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In my experience, I would say that all the Pokemon should be at least level 55. At that point, battle the Elite Four and see how powerful they are compared to you. If the level 55s don't win, get them all to level 60 and try again. You could just get to level 60 to beat them, but at least trying it at level 55 will save you time. I have used this strategy many times, and it has never failed me.

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As long as you have a well-rounded team and use super effective moves, any level from 50-60 usually works, but I usually train my Pokémon to levels 65-70 for increased stats and a distinct advantage against the Pokémon League's Pokémon. I'd definitely do this with Sableye, Hariyama, and Swellow, and maybe the other three as well. I'd recommend using strategic held items (leftovers are a popular choice) as well. I'd also recommend putting a fire type on your team.

The Pokemon League uses exactly 6 Pokemon that are weak to fire and 7 Pokemon that know either surf, earthquake, or rock slide. I don't think any fire Pokemon are worth using in this situation. Also leftovers is unobtainable before defeating the champion. (unless you trade one to your game)
There are plenty of other held items besides the leftovers; I was just using that as an example. I've never played the original Sapphire, but I remember Groudon's Eruption being useful against a few of Alpha Sapphire's Elite 4 Pokémon as well as one or two of the Champion's. A strong fire type could be useful, which is why I recommended it.
Do you know of any strong fire Pokemon? The only one I know is Blaziken, but the steam person chose Mudkip.
I have a vulpix but I REALLY don't feel like I need it, and I'm playing sapphire version, so no groudon.
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You should be fine, as long as you bring a couple hyper-potions, revives, and ethers. I beat them with lvl 60 Groudon, lvl 65 Crobat, lvl 41 manectric, lvl 42 Aggron, lvl 60 Blaiziken, and lvl 49 Gyrados. If you haven't battled them before though, battle a few times without wasting potions, revives, etc., to familiarize yourself.