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Hello! I need some help for SoulSilver.
I'm about to fight Lugia, and subsequently the Elite Four. However, I'm not sure how I should prepare, what level my team should be and what Pokémon to use. I'd prefer catching Lugia over defeating it.

The three Pokémon I'm most likely to use (I'm sort of attached to my Feraligatr and Skarmory, lol) are:
-Feraligatr, level 57, Amulet Coin, Relaxed.
Water Gun, Cut, Surf, Crunch

-Skarmory, level 28, no item, Lonely.
Flash, Fury Attack, Fly, Air Cutter

-Swinub, level 25, NeverMeltIce, Quiet.
Powder Snow, Icy Wind, Strength, Mud Bomb

This is my first Pokémon game, so I'm a total noob! Please forgive me if this is a dumb question!


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In SS, the wild Lugia is level 45, so it should know extrasensory, rain dance, hydro pump, and aeroblast.
It's not immune to false swipe or sleep and doesn't know any annoying moves that damage itself, heal itself, or leave the battle. You should be able to catch it using false swipe, a sleep move, Poke balls, and not much else.

The best Pokemon that learn false swipe is Heracross. Unfortunately, Heracross can know false swipe only from breeding. It's a lot easier to use either Scyther or Pinsir, which learn false swipe by TM and are almost as strong as Heracross.

Scyther @ sharp beak
Ability: technician
EVs: 100 Atk
- wing attack
- swords dance
- false swipe
- X-scissor

Pinsir @ muscle band
Ability: hyper cutter
EVs: 100 Spe
- X-scissor
- swords dance
- false swipe
- return
(Yes I know the muscle band is a garbage item. Please suggest a better item that's obtainable before defeating Lance.)

The 3 best Pokemon that learn a sleep move are probably Haunter, Jynx, and Lapras. I recommend not using Lapras because you already have a strong water Pokemon.
source: same as the one that said Heracross is the best false swipe user

Haunter @ poison barb/choice specs
EVs: 100 SpA
- sludge bomb
- shadow ball
- hypnosis
- thunderbolt

Jynx @ twisted spoon/choice specs
Ability: forewarn
EVs: 100 SpA
- psychic
- ice beam
- lovely kiss
- focus blast

If you don't want to use your master ball, then I'm pretty sure the next best ball is the heavy ball. Lugia is over 204.7 kg, so the heavy ball raises its catch rate from 3 to 23.
In addition to bringing a bunch of heavy balls, you might also want lemonades and revives in case Lugia damages your Pokemon. If Lugia has 1 HP and is asleep, and you throw heavy balls...

You have a 19.752% chance of capturing it per ball. Thus, you have at least a 50% chance of catching it within 4 balls and at least a 95% chance of catching it within 14 balls.

That was a lot of sources.

Defeating the Pokemon League is a lot simpler than catching Lugia. It involves getting Pokemon with high levels, high attack stats, and strong moves and challenging the Pokemon League until you get enough experience to win. I think you should stop using Skarmory and Swinub in battles. Their levels are very low, and raising them is much more difficult than finishing the game without them. Feraligatr's physical attack is stronger than its special attack, so it would be a lot more useful if you taught it better physical moves.

Feraligatr @ mystic water
EVs: 100 Spe
- waterfall
- swords dance
- ice fang
- crunch

After you assemble your team of Feraligatr, Scyther/Pinsir, and Haunter/Jynx and teach them some good moves, just challenge the Pokemon League over and over until you win.

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Thanks! I already have a Haunter with Hypnosis and a Scyther with False Swipe. The problem is that both of them are really low level, even worse than Skarmory and Swinub. The Haunter is 17 and the Scyther is 14, since I barely use them. Any tips on leveling them up quickly?
Give the lowest-level Pokemon an exp. share and put it in the front of your party, and then call people on the Pokegear.
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Well, first, get a Pokemon that knows false swipe and swords dance, and level it up to about 55-65 level, then switch lugia for false swipe. before challenging the e4, GRIND GRIND GRIND. it may be boring, but its usefull.

What about the Pokémon in my team? I'd like some advice about them too.
USe fully evolved starter, Lugia, furret, crobatheracross, and scizor
And for catching Lugia?
get a Pokemon that knows false swipe and can make lugia fall asleep or paralyzed.