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I’m really struggling to beat both elite four and the champion. My choices keep varying and I’m unsure what Pokemon are best to have. These are the ones I have currently have best choice of:
Noctowl - Level 54
Feraligatr - Level 47
Ampharos - Level 46
Piloswine - Level 52
Dragonair - Level 50
(Possibly) Growlithe - Level 28 (Levelling up taking place)
Lapras - Level 45
Ho oh - Level 48
Gyarados - Level 40
Scyther - Level 41

I feel like I’m missing something with a bit of zest xD

Also how many revives, hyper potions would you recommend etc.

Have you defeated all of the Elite 4 yet? If not, which one do you get stuck on?
Edit: Training Growlithe is definitely not worth it. Now that you have a Ho-Oh, I don't think you have anything to gain from getting an Arcanine.
On one occasion I had managed too. But literally got WRECKED by Dragonite. Like it was crazy. Then second time I tried I struggled on the third and fourth trainer. Alright Ho-Oh is staying my fire :)

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Make sure Lapras knows surf and ice beam and give it an exp. share. Buy some revival herbs. Lapras should already be able to one-shot the Dragonites with ice beam. If it faints, then just use a revival herb. If it doesn't one-shot the Dragonites, then fight the Elite 4 with Lapras holding the exp. share so it levels up.

Thank you! I’ll try and level lapras up a few and give it ago. Thank you!!
You're welcome I guess.
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The first elite four member is Will. He specializes in the psychic type and has two Xatu, a Jynx, an Exeggutor, and a Slowbro.
The second elite four member is Koga. He specializes in the poison type and has Airados, a Venomoth, Forretress, a Muk, and a Crobat.
The third elite four member is Bruno. He specializes in the fighting type and has a Hitmontop, a Hitmonlee, a Hitmonchan, an Onix and a Machamp.
The fourth and last member of the elite four is Karen. She specializes in the dark type and has an Umbreon, a Vileplume, a Gengar, a Murkrow, and a Houndoom.
Finally, the champion, Lance, specializes in the dragon type and has three Dragonites, a Charizard, an Aerodactyl, and a Gyarados.

I think you should take:

Noctowl (Its flying moves will be super-effective against most of Bruno's team. Just watch out for the Onix! It's also a psychic type and can learn psychic type moves that will be super-effective against Koga's team and a few of Karen's Pokemon)
Gyarados (This is a really good Pokemon to bring to the elite four. Not only is it very strong, it can learn and be taught by TM some dragon type moves, which can knock out Lance's Dragonites. Gyarados will also be useful for beating Bruno, since it is a flying type)
Dragonair (You need all the help you can get against Lance's Dragonites, even if that means risking Dragonair being knocked out by their dragon type moves)
Ampharos (Ampharos is a good Pokemon that can knock out Will's Xatus, Koga's Crobat, Karen's Murkrow, and Lance's Gyarados and Charizard with it's electric type moves)
Ho-Oh (For one, Ho-Oh is a legandary, so it is naturally stronger than most Pokemon. Also, with it's flying and fire typing, it will be good against most of Bruno's team, Will's Exeggutor and Jynx, Koga's Ariados, Venomoth, and Forretress, and Karen's Vileplume)
Feraligatr (This was your starter Pokemon, so I think you should stick with it throughout the game. However, if you don't like the idea of having two water type Pokemon on your team, you should replace it with Piloswine)

I hope this helped :)

Noctowl isn't psychic type. Gyarados can't learn flying attacks, so its flying type is there only to stack weaknesses with Noctowl and Ho-Oh. Gyarados can't learn physical dragon attacks until post-game. Its low special attack makes dragon pulse weaker than a neutrally effective return and much weaker than Lapras's ice beam. The Grace person does need all the help he/she/it can get, so why would you put Dragonair in a slot that could have contained a stronger Pokemon? You seem to be aware that multiple water Pokemon isn't the best idea, so why are you recommending 3 flying Pokemon? And of the water Pokemon you could have kept, why not keep the one whose STAB attacks are strong against Dragonite?
What would you recommend then? Because your right, this grace person has no clue.