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Hi so I’m replying Heartgold and I need help with my team I plan on using:

Gastrodon-traded from Sinnoh,
Forretress-Ilex forest,
Camarupt-Also trade,
Yanmega-route 36,

I need a good move set and also a sixth team member please give me suggestions and also say if I need to switch a Pokémon to make it ballanced. :)

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You should use a Kyogre if you're able to trade.
Looking at the type of team you're having, I'd suggest a Mankey/Primeape.

Low Kick/Karate Chop until Cross Chop

Assurance against Psychic and Ghost

Thunder Punch/Ice Punch (if you're willing and for type coverage.)

Thrash for sheer power

Anything with Electric, Ice, or Fighting should be good.

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Looking at your team, I'd say that you will have problems with:

  • Chuck
  • Clair (Ice Beam, Thunderbolt)
  • Misty (Thunderbolt)
  • Sabrina (Bug Buzz doesn't do much damage since it is Special, and they are Specially defensive.)
  • Blue's Gyarados (Thunderbolt)
  • Will's Xatu and Slowbro
  • Karen (except Vileplume and Umbreon)
  • Lance
  • Red's Blastoise and Lapras

hmm... You need to alter your team a little bit. Camerupt is a bit useless here as it overlaps types with Gastrodon and Typhlosion. I suppose Forretress is useless in-game, but it is up to you whether you should use it or not. You can give Ice Beam to Gastrodon.

Typhlosion, Gastrodon and Forretress are fixed for your team. I would like to make a lot of changes in your team. Here you go:

  • Leave Yanmega and get another Flyer such as Fearow. You need Fly HM to move from one place to another easily. Useful moves for it: Return, Fly, Drill Peck and any other move. You can catch a Spearow very early.
  • Options for 4th 'mon:
    1. Heracross: Megahorn, Brick Break, Earthquake, Rock Slide / Stone Edge / Rock Tomb. It is extremely useful for Will, Karen, Pryce, Sabrina (I doubt though), and Red's Lapras. Headbutt trees in Ilex Forest.
    2. Weavile: Night Slash, Ice Shard, Brick Break, Poison Jab / X Scissor. Plays same role as Heracross, but is a little frail. Sneasel is obtained in the route 28.
    3. Primeape: Cross Chop, Assurance, Rock TMs, Thrash. Sabrina wrecks it, but other than that it is good.
  • Ampharos is definitely your sixth 'mon. It kills Water types very easily, and is a great team mate of Typhlosion. Thunderbolt, Thunder wave, Signal Beam, Light Screen. It also supports your team (Heracross and Weavile) against Sabrina with Light Screen.

Good moveset for the rest

- Lava Plume / Flamethrower
- Sunny Day
- Solar Beam
- Focus Blast / Hyper Beam / Eruption

- Surf
- Whirlpool -> Waterfall
- Mud Bomb / Earthquake
- Recover

- Strength
- Gyro Ball
- Bug Bite / Toxic Spikes
- Explosion

Hope this helps :)

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