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When playing Pokémon games I usually tend to start with a water type, then get myself a grass and a fire type then work to get an electric, a psychic/ghost/dark and then finally a dragon right before the E4.

When I restarted playing white I started with the Oshawatt and traded in a Tepig later in the game. With plans of getting a Snivy and an Axew later on ingame, I’m struggling to figure out who I should fill the slots with.
Imo Gen 5 has horrible electric types (Galvantula and Eelektross only seem decent)
And I feel like ghost types are really lackluster in gen 5.
i feel like Gothitelle and Reuniclus are just meh
and the only decent dark types are Krookodile and Zoroarc (not taking Hydreigon into account)

Therefore so far I’ve planned a team of

Electric Type

However, with the how lackluster I find electric and Ghost, I’m willing to look for other types I can put in.

can you guys suggest what type/ Pokémon I can fill my team with?

Thank you.

Note: No Legendary if possible

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Chandelure’s a pretty good Ghost-type, and you might be surprised if you give Galvantula a chance. High speed and SpA, and if it has Compound Eyes, Thunder gets near-perfect accuracy.

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For Electric Type:
1. Electross is a good electric type because it has no weakness thanks to its levitate ability and is really strong both physical and special. Also it has a good movepool.
2. Galvantula is another good option - it has really good Sp.Atk and Speed as well as having Compound Eyes.

For Psychic/Ghost:
1. Sigilyph is probably your best option since it has an amazing movepool making it a really great Pokemon for coverage and has amazing Sp.Atk and speed with decent defense stats.
2. You can also use Cofagrigus because it is very bulky and can hit like a truck too. (you could use Chandelure but you already have Emboar)