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Usually before big events in Pokemon, like a Gym Battle, for example, I try to get my Pokemon team at an equal high level. However, this usually means it takes a while to progress, and my enjoyment of the game is affected. Is this making everyone equal playstyle preferable? Or should I continue on with varying levels for my Pokemon?

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I think the easiest way to defeat strong opponents is to challenge them repeatedly, and the experience you get from each loss will eventually level up your Pokemon enough to defeat them. Only grind in other places when you can't get any experience from losing to them (in other words, when your entire team can't defeat any of their Pokemon).

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Well, it really depends on your style. You can play it safe and level all of your Pokemon up to the same level, but it is kind of boring. Or, you could just go for it. It depends on how risky you are and if you're just beating the game for fun or not.

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Is definelly worth, the best item you can use is exp share, untill you can't get him, you should aways lead the battle with the weakest, aways rotating them so the strongest and the weakest have a minimum of 3 levels more than each-other.

Of course, this rule has exeptions, such as gym battles, gym trainers, elite 4, etc.

After getting the exp share you can lead with any Pokemon you want and just rotate the exp share around them instead, aways making sure that they are well balanced in levels, such in difference of 3 or 5 levels for example.

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