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So, I'm at the 7th Gym, and my Pokemon are seriously under-leveled...
Marshtomp(Thror) : 44 (not evolved, because pre-evos learn moves faster)
Skarmory(Haldir) : 35
Breloom(Faramir) : 38
Kirlia(Galadriel) : 27
These two I don't care about:
Sableye(Smeagol) : 14
Electrike(Ecthelion) : 26
I need a good place to bring the first four to above lvl 40.

Do you want me to post an answer ?
idc, really. I just expected it
okay I will
Banette for power or dusclops for bulk i beat both liza and tate with my banette and armaldo
You, know dude, PokeNav! Go on PokeNav and if there is a pokeball next to a trainers name then it means you can rematch them! :D

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Rather than training up your current team I would suggest a Sharpedo

Since your Marshstomp is Lv44 it would have an easy time with Solrock and Lunatone.
Surf is a move I strongly recommened to have on Marshtomp. Surf is both Super-Effective to Lunatone and Solrock. Solrock will easily be taken down as well as Lunatone take some pretty good amount of damage

As for your partner I would highly suggest Sharpedo. Caravannah can be caught with a Good Rod or Super Rod on Route 118 and 119. Sharpedo can be found at Routes 103, 118, 122, 124, 125, 126, 127, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, and 134 it can also be found in Mossdeep City and Pacifidlog Town with a Super Rod.
Sharpedos caught in Mossdeep city are around lv 30-35 and comes along with Crunch. Shardepo will not take much damage with surf and Lunatone will have a tough time dealing with it. Teach Sharpedo a water type move and level up in Magma Hideout

For Future Reference

You might want to do some training up later with your other Pokemon.

Skarmory : Route 117 they have Roselias, Volbeats, and Illimises which Skarmory can easily KO and dish out some decent Exp. If they don't seem to be enough try go for Route 120 and Route 121.
Those Linoones and Absols are pretty Exp generous :)

Breloom : Fish with the Super Rod in Mossdeep City. The Wailmers and Sharpedos give out lots of Exp. Plus Breloom can deal with Sharpdo quick and deal neutral damage to Wailmers

Kirlia : Gabby and Ty have Pokemon that Kirlia could face up to. Or Route 118 will do.

There is also the Match call. See here for more detailes

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solrock doesnt have a 4 times weakness to water... its Rock/Psychic
Solrock and lunatone are rock psychic types so water is 2x not 4x
i agree with your guide but you really dont need 2 water types :/
You can just ditch Sharpedo :P
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Trainer Eyes

On PokeNav, when you go on Match Call, you may see Pokeball icons next to the name of trainers. That means they want to rematch you, and this is a good way to train if you've already battle trainers in your area.

Lucky Egg/ Exp Share

Boosts your Exp, therefore your Pokemon grow stronger at a much faster rate. The Exp share can be obtained from the President of the Devon Corporation.

Battle ALL Trainers

Check every where for trainers you may have missed or previously avoided.

Interviewers Gabby and TY

You see these around the Hoenn region, as they are reporters looking for talented trainers. Because of this, they will challenge you to battles, and ask you for an interview.

Secret Bases

Battle friends in their Secret Bases.

Daycare Centre

Your Pokemon gain Exp at the Daycare, so this can be quite useful as you can level up your Pokemon as well as breed. However, they do charge quite a bit of money, so to be honest I would use Daycare for breeding, and train the Pokemon myself.

Lucky Egg probably pretty hard to get
Blissey secret bases.
Oh yeah xD . I had in mind trading from FRLG
Silver that's why I said/ Exp Share, seeing as Lucky egg is pretty rare