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I'm playing through my Pokemon Emerald and I can't beat the 7th gym (Earthquake and Psychic are the worse!)
my team concists of:

  1. Gardevoir (Lvl 38)
  2. Vibrava (Lvl 38)
  3. Seviper (Lvl 32)
  4. Lombre (Lvl 33)
  5. Blaziken (Lvl 40)
  6. Manactrik (Lvl 36)

I want to train them up till lvl 40/45 or so, but can't figure out where this will go the fastest…

btw for if it matters, my emeralds battery sadly has run dry...

would apresiate suggestions :)

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Surfing Lombre?
Yeh could do that, but where would you suggest? Cause tantacool and stuff
 dont give much EXP. I think
You have Super Rod? You can then fush up Wailmer on Route 125 which will SHOULD give an average of 2800 exp per KO.
I would recommend only training Gardevoir, Blaziken, and Manectric because training 3 Pokemon is easier than training 6. Also Seviper is kind of bad. You can just catch a random level 30 Tentacool, teach it some moves, and evolve it, and it'll be better than Seviper.

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I think you should stop using Lombre, Seviper, and Vibrava in battles (though Lombre and Vibrava are good HM slaves), so you can concentrate more of your experience onto your 3 stronger Pokemon. (be careful when doing this. juice from concentrate is sometimes less nutritious) Use Blaziken, Gardevoir, and Manectric to defeat all the trainers between Mossdeep and Pacifidlog. If they still aren't strong enough, then you can defeat more trainers in optional places, like the Trick House or Route 123. If that's still not enough, then I guess you'll have to fight Tate and Liza until you get enough experience to win.

why is lombre seviper and vibrava bad?
Seviper has relatively low speed and defenses, so it'll take a lot of hits. Lombre and Vibrava have bad stats until pretty late into the game. Even Ludicolo has worse attack stats than Blaziken, Gardevoir, and Manectric. Flygon has good stats, but ice attacks get very common right after it evolves.