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I want to EV train a Duskull in emerald to transfer to Sword but I've never trained in Pokémon emerald
The EVs I want is
252 Hp / 252 Atk / 4 Def
How would I be able to train Duskull in a fast and efficient manner?

I want a Dusclops with dynamic punch, he can only learn it through a move tutor, hence why I need to raise a Duskull in Emerald

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No you can't - you inherently have to level up Duskull, which will train it, so it evolves into Dusclops so it can learn the move. Duskull can't learn the move by itself...can it?
Duskull can’t learn it, Dusclops can learn it, but I’ve been thinking, maybe I’ll just leave duskull to level up in the day care then use a rare candy to evolve it so it’s EV’s will be 0, then teach it dynamic punch , then transfer it to sword and then stuff it with EV items
I mean that's one way to do it, but any given way to get it is going to be a lot of effort. There are multiple solutions to this. I could answer another one later.
In Emerald and every newer game, you can reset EVs by using EV berries.
That's what I was gonna get at. xD

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I think this is the easiest way to do it.
give Duskull an exp. share
battle the Pokemon League until it evolves
teach dynamic punch to Dusclops
transfer it to Sword
reset all its EVs with EV berries
feed it 26 HP ups, 26 proteins, and 1 iron

If you still want to do all the EV training in Emerald, then this is how you do it.
feed Duskull 10 HP ups and 10 proteins
give it a macho brace
bike around in Rusturf Tunnel and defeat 76 wild Whismurs
walk around in Mt. Pyre 1F, 2F, or 3F and defeat 76 wild Shuppets
somehow get 4 physical defense EVs, possibly by defeating 2 Geodudes

You might want to read more about EV training on this page.