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I'm having trouble leveling up my pokemon in SoulSilver. It's taking far too long to level them up, I just can't get them powerful enough to beat the second gym. Please help me, I've played many other pokemon games and never encountered this problem, and I've been stuck in the same spot for a week! Help!

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The difficulty curve is slightly raised at the beginning of the game. (At first, Falkner's team never broke into double-digits, now there's a lv. 13 Pidgeotto...)

This new curve may be part of the reason. Also, Pokemon develop at different rates, and have different EXP rates. For example, at first, Training a Mawile is WAAAAY easier than training a Nincada, but eventually becomes easier at around Lv. 55.

This is just my thought, because I had the same issues at first. Take a look at your Pokemon's type, EXP base, etc, and experiment with different Pokemon to train on.

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The second gym is bug-type so I'd suggest getting a fire or rock pokemon if you haven't already.

If you are still early in the games then there is no quick way to level up your pokemon, just go back to the nearest route and keep trying!

You can also try focusing on just two or three pokemon and get them to level 20 or something, then you can take out the gym leader with just those pokemon.