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I also Need a moveset. This is my current one.

  Energy ball- looks cool and a decent amount of damage.

Leaf storm- a good stab move.
Frenzy Plant-Just needed some filler
SolarBeam- Couldn't do 1 battle without it

Energy ball And Leaf Storm aren't going Nowhere Because I worked way to hard for it.


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Train in the elite 4 and just search for movesets in the search box
Here is a good moveset....
Leaf blade good power and high critical hit rate
Outrage you get it by earning bp points
Earthquake for fire types
Rock slide for flying and ice types

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PokemonBlack10 is right, but he forgot important things.
Item:Lucky egg, if he is strong.

  :EXP share, if you are weak.

If you have rare candies you can use them. Day care is slow, so I don't advice using them.

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Thx Guys I replaced frenzy plant with hyper beam.

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Anyone else think Xscissor is a good idea? I also replaced solar beam with drain PAWNCH!!

Me too, but I bred mine to have leech seed
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Well for the 2 moves Frenzy Plant is good but I advise you only to use it in major emergencies because you miss a turn leaving you vulnerable and perhaps Rock Slide if you can because it deals with flying types and fire types and also ice types which I think would be handy.And to level him up fight guys you can defeat fast the faster you do it the more experience you get and it works especially good if Sceptile does it alone I don't mean empty your belt but just let Sceptile appear and only Sceptile and maybe you could beat my Poliwag doing 1000 damage.

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A good moveset for sceptile would be:

Energy ball(stab, decent power, great accuracy)

Leaf blade(stab, great power, great accuracy, high


Rock slide(type coverage, decent power, decent


Earthquake(awesome power, awesome accuracy, type


becuase of rock slides low power I would suggest giveing

him the hard rock or stone plate.