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I got dragonite I got salamence and soon il have a garchomp so what will be the best choice for a fast and a good attack combination and if you can suggest me a nature for one of them (nedds to have good stats for a physical moveset and better be fast too)

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You Should take Garchomp for two reasons, First because it is Faster although Salamence has Higher attack, and second because Garchomp's Type combination is better than Salamence, Salamence is hurt by Stealth Rock which is really popular while Garchomp has 1 less weakness than Salamence and Stealth Rock Doesn't cause that much damage. for Garchomp you should get one with the nature Jolly (Speed+,Sp.Attack-) to boost it's speed and become a great Sweeper

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Sh7atoap's answer is very good. The only other consideration is if you need a special or mixed sweeper. In this case Salamence is the best option, it has better Special Attack and a good special movepool.