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I have been trying to find a good location to train my Ivysaur in SS somwhere where there are slightly stronger Pokemon (I had lvl.28 or lvl.29 Pokémon in mind) and a place where I wont have many type disadvantages because I want to evolve him quickly so that I can register Venusaur in the Pokedex. Note: location can be anywhere between the Jhoto and Kanto regions.

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A good place to train is mount silver.
You could switch ivysaur out to a stronger Pokémon, or have it hold an experience share.

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I was actually thinking about doing that but I wanted to train the Pokémon itself without an Exp. share but your idea seems to be the best option thanks anyways.
What level is your ivysaur? I don't think you mentioned it
It's a lvl.27 I stated that in the question.