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Right now, to say my team is bad is and understatement. My only good Pokemon are said Gyarados and my l51 typhlosion. I think if I can level the Gyarados up to 35 I i'll finally beat Clair. If anyone knows where I can train to level my Pokemon up fairy fast, please let me know. P.S. I cant get to the miltanks with crazy xp because you need to beat clair to use waterfall.

Why do you even have a level 23 Gyarados? Why don't you just catch the level 30 Gyarados at the Lake of Rage?
Maybe he's got a special Gyarados he doesn't want to replace? People have their reasons, I guess.
If your talking about the red gyrados, I went over to it without my main poke in my party, just a HM Pokemon, and got slammed. ( I didn't know I would have to battle, it was pretty saddening lol)
Oof. Wait, do you have the chance to battle it again, or does it run, never to be found...
Pretty sure its gone forever
You can go back and catch it either right now or after defeating Lance. In the future, remember to save often and reset every time you do something stupid.
Ok, thank you so much!

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The best place I can think of is the Ice Path. With Pokémon ranging in the low 20's, the Pokémon will provide good EXP, but they aren't high enough to kill your own Pokémon. Another Place I would consider would be Route 48. This place below the Safari Zone also has around low 20's Pokémon, but it also has some mid-20's Pokémon. Tauros also provides some good Exp. Hopefully this helps!

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Thank you so much! I'll definitely try that.
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