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My Gyarados attack Kingdra with Dragon rage in Blacktorn Gym, but it's normal effective! I think kingdra's only weakness is dragon, but... what happen?


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Dragon Rage does 40 damage no matter what the circumstance (except when doing no damage or when something like Endure or Focus Sash/Band stops you from doing the full amount of damage.)

It must be super effective right? but it was not!
The type is super effective but it always does the same damage so super effective is the same as regular, so it makes no sense for the game to say 'super effective'.
Yep only does 40 power
^ur already too late thundermaster......
its already resolved
and if u say 40 power that means the move has 40 attack power
not 40 damage,,,,,
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Trachy is right so this is just extra information Dragon rage does only 40 damage so it couldn't be super effective see here: http://pokemondb.net/move/dragon-rage

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