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Should I just let my Gyarados learn ice fang or should I put ice beam on it? (Playing Platinum)

If I should keep ice fang, should I then let my Floatzel learn ice beam? - Who is in general best to use Floatzel vs. Gyarados?

Any other tips for movesets for Gyarados will be appreciated! Thank you

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Normally Ice Fang is better, Gyarados is a physical attacker by a huge margin. I'd give Floatzel Ice Beam if I had to since it has better special attack

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Give Floatzel Ice Beam, Give Gyarados Ice Fang.

I would also suggest giving Gyarados Dragon Dance. Yes

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Gyarados and Floazel both have more physical attack stat. They both want physical attacks.
These are probably their best final movesets, assuming you're okay with using TMs.
- waterfall
- ice fang
- earthquake/stone edge
- dragon dance

- waterfall
- ice punch
- brick break/crunch
- rain dance

If you already have one of them and already started giving it experience, then you should just keep that one. If you don't, then it depends on which opponents you care about more. Gyarados has intimidate and is better against Volkner and Aaron. Floatzel is better against the rival, Fantina, Candice, and Lucian. If you decide to use Gyarados, then you should use a good rod to get a Magikarp at least level 19, so it evolves faster.