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in game right?
Or do you want to counter Gyarados in the Battle Frontier or when battling against other people?
in game
Almost any Electric Type move or Pokémon should do the job.
against cyras or wake??

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Electric Pokemon (besides Magnezone, which is slow and weak to earthquake) are reliable checks to Gyarados. However, stuff like Luxray, Rotom, and Jolteon tend to have (relatively) low special attack and not many useful moves, so they are less useful against other opponents that have high special defense or resist electric. I think Gyarados is the best Pokemon that checks opposing Gyarados and is still useful when the opponent is not Gyarados. Use the good rod to catch a Magikarp that is between levels 19 and 22 (inclusive), so it evolves immediately and learns dragon rage without the move reminder. Then use this moveset.

Gyarados @ soothe bell/shell bell/splash plate/expert belt
EVs: 100 spe
- dragon rage -> dragon dance
- thrash -> return
- dive -> waterfall
- ice fang

Dragon rage does a lot of damage early in the game, when opponents don't have a lot of HP. Thrash and return are Gyarados's best option against water Pokemon (like opposing Gyarados). Dive and waterfall are STAB. Ice fang covers grass and dragon. Dragon dance lets Gyarados easily take out several opponents (and sometimes the whole team) without using items in the bag.

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so lets talk about gyarados. it has an amazing attack of 125 and an average 81 speed. it also have a decent movepool, having access to earthquake(cyrus final battle) and dragon dance.

you actually have plenty of good counters, like luxray, jolteon, magnezone


1. have the one of the best if not the best ability to battle gyarados, which is intimidate
2. amazing attack stat
3. decent spc.attack stat
4. early access
1. pretty bad movepool
2. doesnt have that many physical electric moves
3. slower than gyarados


1. amazing speed stat
2. amazing spc.attack stat
3. definitely KO's gyarados in one hit if it could land great special electric moves like thunderbolt
1. bad defense
2. pretty bad movepool but could worked out
3. need thunderstone to evolve
4. you can only get eevee from a gift before the you get the national dex


1. have an amazing dual typing, electric and steel, which makes it have 10 resistance(fairy not included) 3 weaknesses with one 4x and 1 immunity
2. amazing spc.attack stat
3. amazing defense and spc.defense
1. very bad speed
2. bad movepool
3. access mid-game and evolve late-game
4. it will faint against cyrus gyarados because of its slowness and 4x weakness against cyrus gyarados earthquake could be KO'd by it (except if level up properly and have good defense)

out of these 3 I recommend using jolteon, but you can use whatever you want, and here is the moveset

luxray @anything
nature: (i recommend if you want a spc.attack luxray, go with modest or timid, if you want attacker luxray, go with jolly or adamant)
- thunderbolt/discharge/thunder fang
- crunch
- strength/filler
- filler

jolteon @anything
nature: I recommend dont lower its speed and spc.attack
- thunderbolt
- pin missile
- dig/double kick/filler
- filler

magnezone @anything
nature: I recommend that doesnt lower its spc.attack
- thunderbolt/discharge
- tri attack
- magnet bomb/flash cannon
- filler

but, like yorec said you could definitely use porygon2/porygonZ or gardevoir

hope I helps!

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