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I just found earthquake in Pokemon gold, but the game says that gyarados is not compatible with the move.
So far it knows waterfall, dragon rage, strenght and icy wind. What is the matter with it? (lvl 37)


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Put simply, Gyarados could not learn Earthquake in Gold. Move list here. It's only able to from gen 3 onwards.

Then how about in Pokemon Heartgold?
It can.
Heartgold's gen 3 , like how ORAS ( remakes of gen 3 ) is a gen 6 game. That's why it can in HG, because in remakes , the gen of the game increases making it able to do stuff it couldn't before. In remakes they also place upgrades , gyarados learning e-quake is one of them.
@Skittymew Actually, HeartGold is a gen 4 game, not a gen 3 game.