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After what move?


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Well, My opinion is slightly different.

Fire Blast isn't quite as good for use as Flamethrower is and Vulpix learns flamethrower at level 24.

So unless you want...

Safeguard -27- Not too usefull

Payback -31- Is physical, so not super great on him

Fire Spin -34- Hasn't been a very useful attack since Gen 1 or 2

Captivate -37- This only works if the foe is the opposite Gender, And its still not the greatest

Grudge -41- If you faint the turn you use this, than the oppnent loses all of the PP of the move they were using, But I honestly think Just attacking again would be a better way to spend your turn

Extrasensory -44- The Only Really Useable move he gets after Flamethrower, this is a pretty sweet move to have.

Fire Blast -47- Flamethrower works much better and is learned at a lower level, Go figure.

Honestly, I would say that you should Either Evolve him,
After 24 ( Flamethrower )
Or 44 ( Extrasensory )

Have fun with your Ninetails!

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I would think Fire Blast at Level 47, but it depends on what moves you want on your Vulpix.

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I would say after the last move it learns, which is Fire Blast at level 47... Hope this helps!

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