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I've tried FOREVER to get a Hydreigon but I couldn't find a Deino. Now I have one(lv. 40) but it's really hard. I've tried the sports stadium and trainers to the east. Is there any other faster way(besides rare candies and cheats) to level it up?

P.S. I don't want "Battle Audino" this and "Battle Audino" that.

1)go to the day care and you have to run or bicycle the road or the streets one step add 1 exp in each step
2) use a exp share and give it to your deino and battle people aaand that give deino more exp
3)give you deino a lucky egg and battle people and that will give deino more exp
4) find rare candy to level up you deino
5) battle the gym leaders to level up your deino

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Also, if possible, you could give the Deino an Exp. Share and train off the Elite Four, Morimoto (In Castelia City), and the wild Pokemon to the east. If you are patient, also, you can find some really strong Pokemon by using your Super Rod.

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Why was this voted down? It's all true. It's what I've done to get over 10 lv. 100s. Make that 23.
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Give Deino a Lucky Egg and train it around Victory Road

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I agree with Tonito about the Lucky Egg. Victory Road is probably the best place to train a level 40. Also, battling Cynthia might also be a good idea. Taking it to the elite four might also give you a bunch of exp.

Hope this helps and good luck training!! =)

Cynthia is in a house near the pokemon center at undella town. but be careful, all her pokemon are lvl.80 above
No they're not. They're the same level as the Champion's Pokemon.
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I've found a nice area on Route 13. If you head for the man who runs around the trees, then keep heading south across the land bridge, there's a little patch of grass there; wild pokémon are often around level 48.

I've had loads of Pokémon like Solrock and Drifblim that keep using moves like Embargo or Swallow (without stacking anything so it does nothing) that are super weak against a level 40 Deino's Dragon Pulse.

Three battles in, and my Deino hadn't taken any damage at all, but had already gained a level. :) But don't forget to take a Lucky Egg! Those things are like EXP gold.