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I want a Hydreigon sooooooo bad but is it worth it?

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If you're willing to put in the time to train the little rascal, then I'd say it's a great asset to most teams! It's got great, flexible stats, a wide movepool, limited, yet useful STAB, and of course, its ability is friggin' awesome.

If it's your first time playing through the game, it may not be suited, due to the time you have to put in to raise these things, but if you want a challenge, or have already beaten the game, then I encourage you to do so!

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Hydreigon is probably one of the best pokemon from the unova region and you can use it as a mixed tank. It may take a while just get it to a zweilous and give it a lucky egg youll have a hydreigon before you know it

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I concur I had too work hard but I managed to train a timid finicky Hyrdregion with D-pulse and it pwns though in my opinion it is only the second best dark type pseudo legendary

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Deino is DEFINETLY worth it! hydreigon is a great defender and attacker plus dwelious isnt owned by a computer trainer so you have to evolve deino to get him

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It is!
I thought it was't at first but I gave it a go. At that time, I had a

Serperior lv63
Excadrill lv62
Jellicent lv62
Deino lv48
Whismicott lv62
Archeops lv60

I trained Deino to lv64 and got my reward!
I defeated the elite four, N, and the other guy from Team Plasma(I forgot his name) with ease.

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