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My Deino is level 55 and has not evolved, why is that?

How did you level it up? Maybe this would help
If you level it up in the day care, it won't evolve.

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  • If it was holding an Everstone, it won't evolve.
  • If it was levelled up in the daycare, it won't evolve.
  • If you pressed the B Button while it was evolving, it won't evolve.

Just level it once without it holding the Everstone, without being levelled up in the daycare, without pressing the B button while evolving, and your Deino will evolve.

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If it had a everstone on it, the best solution possible is to take it away from it and level it up once.

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Lucky eggs don't prevent evolution. By any chance, were you thinking of everstones?
Well, Sorry! I mean to say Everstones.
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