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The Pokemon that has pokerus in this case is a level 1 Deino, of some other OT, and the main topic of this question is a newly bred Horsea, level 1, and has never had Pokerus before. they were placed adjacent to each other. I battled something like 5-6 hordes and 9-10 Pokemon already, and Horsea simply won't catch pokerus.
Why is that?
PS - The Exp. Share was off, the time was 21:00, and I was not online, if any of that matters at all

Was Deino next to a cured Pokemon?
What positions were Deino and Horsea in, respectively?
It was like this: Vileplume (cured), Horsea (no pokerus), Deino (pokerus), Egg, Talonflame (cured), Egg. It wasn't working for a while so I later switched the first egg and Talonflame.

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Since your Pokerus Pokemon is in between a cured Pokemon (Talonflame) and a non-cured Pokemon (Horsea) the Pokerus' chance of spreading is cut in half. You are just extremely unlucky.

Try making Deino your second Pokemon with Horsea being your third and a non-cured Pokemon in the first slot. This should work.

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"My god and I thought I knew this" <- Famous last words
Thanks a lot, although unlucky simply didn't seem to hit the mark there xD
What does pokérus do