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I'm really annoyed now. I had taught my Charizard Cut by HM and Strength as well. After getting the TM Rock Tomb and I wanted to teach it to my Charizard by forgetting Cut. It said 'HM moves can't be forgotten right now.'

So I taught my Greninja Cut and then tried to teach Charizard Rock Tomb but again it said 'HM moves can't be forgotten right now.' And to teach my Greninja Cut it cost me Quick Attack! Grrrrrrrrrr!

What's wrong? Help me please! =]

I assume this is your first pokemon game.

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HM moves can only be forgotten at the Move Deleter in Dendemille Town. The reason for this is most likely to prevent you from getting stuck in places you need HM moves to acess.

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which is a bit stupid if you think about it - considering that HMs are reusable and all!
how many times must i repeat saying this "NEVER GIVE GOOD POKEMONS THAT ARE PART OF YOUR ACTUAL TEAM HM MOVES THERE USELESS...USE A HM SLAVE..DUHH"-__________-*facepalm*
yea, but judging from the question they didn't know that HMs couldn't be easily forgotten. I'm guessing they won't be making that mistake again, though.
And fyi, not all the HMs are useless. Fly is much more viable ingame than it is competitively, Waterfall is one of the few good physical Water moves, and Surf is one of the best Water moves in both ingame and competitive. Strength might be outclassed by Return, but it isn't useless.
The best HM slave is Dragonite, it can learn any HM move, so if u cant find a good hm slave, use dragonite
I remember back in the days when TMs and HMs were easily differentiated... Gen5 just HAD to upset the order...
i like how tm's are reusable now-a-days, i was tired about having to think about what i used my tm's on, and they cost a sh*tload of money
I wouldn't be able to LIVE on Y is I didn't have HMs. They give you SO much power you can find secret objects. I NEED THEM. And whoever said they were useless will never make the most of their game, and that's what games are about...