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I was playing Pokemon Blue when I found out that none of my Pokemon can learn HM01 Cut. What is a good Pokemon to teach Cut to?

In the old games I'd never bother teaching the Pokémon in my core team the HM's, except for fly maybe.  Otherwise, I'd just get a HM slave or two. Bringing the one I need out of my pc to get through a particular part of the story. I figured that's what everyone did.
That's exactly what Farfetch'd is good at doing.
Yeah, and I'm pretty sure you can get one as early as viridian forest which is a while before you get HM01 if I remember correctly... might have to back- track a bit unless you just say screw it and grab a Rattata for now to get you where you need to go.
In RB, you get it from a person in Vermillion City.
Blue version doesn't have a move deleter. Just pick up an HM slave and toss it once you beat Surge, unless you're particular about getting the odd item here and there.

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I would recommend bell-sprout, since it proves to be quite helpful and you can get it on route 6, north of Vermillion. It is also one of the better grass types of the game.

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Why would you have mega drain when you already have razor leaf for grass coverage (and super potions for healing)? Why would you have toxic at all?
Just giving a moveset I used. Does not mean she has to
But why would you recommend it?
I took it out
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>Charizard - Cut, Strength, Fly (Y)
Slowpoke/Slowbro - Surf, Strength, Flash
Krabby/Kingler - Cut, Surf, Strength
Lickitung - Cut, Surf, Strength
Mew - Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash

I would go with Krabby. And if you need, farfetched can learn fly.

Krabby isn't available yet.