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Japanese for ‘cut down’
a weasel-like mammal

I looked up Zangoose on the db, it cannot learn cut.
CUT DOWN, seriously it can't learn cut!

san, sans CONFIRMED!

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I am the all-knowing Goomy. I am here to answer your question.

Why can Zangoose not learn HM01 Cut?

Because it can't.

It is ultimately up to Game Freak, a higher power than I, and it is only they who hold the answer you seek.

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Most Pokemon that learn cut tend to have sharp claws, or spikes, to help them cut things. Zangoose has giant claws, so frankly I think Game Freak did it on purpose. There are so many examples like this in Pokemon, that naming them all would take ages, but for example, Scyther can't learn fly, despite having wings. This is known as

Game Freak Logic

Game Freak Logic is a strange thing, which, sadly, can only be explained by Game Freak themselves.

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It's game freak man. They make us freak out over the game. Zangoose I think should learn it, but it doesn't. Instead of asking the question here ask it to game freak. It just can't.