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My Charizard wont mega evolve in Y when it has the button but faint , I also have the right stuff !!


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Have you Mega Evolved another Pokemon on your team before you attempted to evolve Chatizard? If you did, this is why. You can only Megs Evolve one Pokemon per battle.

So if I had an Ampharos and I Mega Evolved it into Mega Ampharos, then my Absol holding the Absolite would not be able to Mega Evolve.

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The explanation wasn't too clear, but there are several reasons it won't Mega Evolve.

Firstly, it needs to be holding it Mega Stone - in this case the Charzardite Y

Secondly, you need to have progressed far enough in the story to have gotten the Mega Ring. You get this on the Tower of Mastery just after you have beaten he Shalour City Gym.

Thirdly, have you already Mega Evolved another Pokemon in that battle? If so, then you can't Mega Evolve anyone else until the battle ends.

My guess is that you haven't done one of these three things (or have done in the case of the 3rd one)

I hope this helped.

Source: Experience

He wouldn't have seen the button to Mega Evolve if he hadn't done the first two. So if it was faded then it is definitely because he has already Mega Evolved another Pokemon.