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While I was Playing Pokémon X, my Sister showed me her Mega Charizard Y(She plays Pokémon Y) and I wanted my Charizard to Mega Evolve like her's did.

Is it the Same way?

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Yup, but yours will be holding the Charzadite X instead of the Charzidite Y, which is what hers will be holding.

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Equip your Charizard with Charizarite (The Mega Stone) X and in-battle while using Charizard the Mega Evolution button will appear on the below screen.

Note: You must have acquired the Mega Ring from Shalour City's Gym Leader in order to activate the ability.

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Mega Charizard X is a dragon and fire type which can be effected by ground type moves, while mega Charizard Y is still a flying and fire type.Charizard must hold the specified mega stone(Charizardite X or Y.)If you do not have either one just buy it in the Stone Emporium found on Vernal Avenue in Lumiose City or get it from trade.

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