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Every time I battle my cousin's Dialga I emerge defeat.

Here's Dialga's moveset

  1. Roar of Time
  2. Thunder
  3. Rock Slide
  4. Flash Cannon

Ability: Pressure

And here's my Charizard's moveset

  1. Flamethrower
  2. Dragon Rush
  3. Thunder Punch
  4. Focus Blast

Ability: Tough Claws

I was going to breed it in order for it to learn Dragon Dance. I really need help on defeating my cousin's Dialga, please help.

Just use dragon dance and then use outrage. It should be pretty simple.
But Dialga's weaknesses are fighting and ground types.
Charizard's physical attack should be strong enough in this case. If you really want it to be super effective, you can teach Charizard earthquake by TM.

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You'll have to be running a max HP, max attack Charizard, n you should not mega evolve on the roar of time. Then you take a roar of time and then you can dragon dance up, n the turn he recharges you can use another DD n use flare blitz/outrage to clean dialga up. This is like the only way.
(U could also use flare blitz/outrage twice after a dragon dance but same result)
And your opponent should not used rock slide on his first turn.

Flare blitz and outrage are superior to EQ because they get boosted by tough claws and they get STAB

He usually uses roar of time first.