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I think it would be nice to be able to change Charizard into a dragon type to avoid water and electric types. I also think that using the weather might also give my opponent and advantage. but I also have a Whimsicott on my team with solar power that I can use for coverage. X or Y Mega?


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Mega evolve into Charizard Y. Though it's still 4 times weak to rock it is a better option megazard X. This is because first of all it's ability, drought. Drought negates Charizard's weakness to water and powers up fire moves considerably. Also, this makes one of Charizard's moves called Solar beam hit instantly which covers all of it's weaknesses. Mega Charizard X has the same base special Attack and Attack which isn't as good as mega Charizard Y's 159 special attack, charizard has a better special movepull so this also works in your favour. Charizard Y lets you get more out of a mega evolution than Charizard X overall.

Charizard Y Moveset:
-Solar Beam
-Air Slash
-Dragon Pulse

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Depends. If you need a physical attacker, go with Mega Charizard X. If you need a special attacker. go with Mega Charizard Y. Charizard-Y's ability drought gives it that solar beam usage, and with Charizard-X its ability tough claws allows for a lot of damage with physical attacks. So, go with which ever you need to perfect ypur team. Heres a moveset for both-

Solar Beam
Air Slash
Ancient Power

Charizard X:
Flare Blitz
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Thunder Punch
Hope I Helped!