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Which would make a better poke for water coverage?

MegaZard X:

-Neutral Water Damage
-Dragon resists more

-Solar Beam is 2 turns
-Many Pokes have fairy moves

MegaZard Y:


-Sun halves water damage
-Solar Beam is 1 turn


-Water still super effective
-Stealth Rocks is common

So, which should I use for water coverage?

Charizard X takes neutral from Fairy attacks as well. Solar Beam is complete Grimer on him anyways. Frankly, neither of the two should be going head-to-head with an offensive Water-type. If I had to chose one, though, I would pick Charizard Y.

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Team Y

Y, you ask (yea, corny, I know)?


Drought: No water weakness per se, for 5 turns
Drought: A single Sun-boosted Fire Blast can cause massive damage, even to Water types.
Drought: Single Turn Solar Beam
High Offensive Stats: Basically like a Glass Cannon post Stealth Rock Damage, with that speed and Special Attack, Charizard Y can break through an unprepared team
Resistance to Fairy type moves: [*Creds to Astro, who for some reason didn't answer :P]*


Stealth Rock: Eh, who cares, with this beast, it doesn't matter all that much. Seriously, once this guy is in play, it's kind of hard to get rid of him.
4x Rock, 2x Electric: Both coverable by the movepool, tbh. Either way, Charizard, in this fast pace meta-game is kind of frail, anyway.

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Homework, friend. Homework.
Basically all I did was round off from the other answer(s) into the precise points that you should pay attention to, so I'll take this space here to say that Pisc is 100% correct, as is Astronautical's statement.
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Mega Charizard Y is the stronger choice if you need move coverage against water types. It gets access to a very powerful grass move, solar beam, and basically gives a free five turns of water resistance, drought weakens the power of water type moves by 50%. Mega Charizard x does render water type attacks neutral, but doesn't really gave a reliable way to deal with water types. Once more, megazard Y is the more preferred choice.

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I'm assuming this is monotype.

Charizard Y

Le Pros:
- Sun boosts fire power and solar beam is 1 turn.
- Water damage is halved.
- High special defense, which water type moves are commonly special.
Le Cons:
- Stealth rock weakness, and not many, if any, fire type rapid spinners/ defoggers.
- Even if in OU, Sun can be canceled out by other weather, like T-tar's sandstorm.
-4X rock weakness, and electric weakness.

Charizard X
Le Pros:
- Neutral water damage.
- Thunder punch.
Le Cons:
- Can't find any.

I would recommend charizard X.