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so I got pokerus on it and the next day its gone and I didnt get the pink smiley in the corner so I tried again and looked the next day it passed on it again then dissapered again why ? is it because I have got its special training to max and it wont benifit so it comes off please help it managed to pass pokerus to all of my other Pokemon why wont cinncino keep my pokerus ?

a dude on Yahoo answers gave a Nice explanation, so I'm just going to quote him.

 " Indeed, the PokéRus does go away in about 48 hours, however your
  Pokémon still gain the boosted EV benefits even after they are cured.
   If you wish to keep the virus, put the infected Pokémon in your PC.
  This way, the virus will not be cured and you will be able to keep it
  When you want to spred it to another Pokémon, simply take your
  infected one out, put it in your party and start leveling.   The virus
 will then pass on to others in your party.
   Be sure to put at least one infected Pokémon back in the PC box to
  keep the PokéRus!"

 pokerus goes away in 48 hours if you dont put it in the PC Box. so make sure to have Your pokerus Pokemon in the PC Box when you dont EV Train it

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First of all, don't worry, any other Pokemon with pokerus can pass it down. Either you missed the pokerus sign or the smiley face, or some glitch happened that too pokerus away from cinccinno. I'd honestly just worry about the glitch

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well im just curious why what should i worry about ? what would be bad about the glich im just curios as to why only cinncino didnt want its pokerus it worked for all the rest but some how it came off ? oh yeah and thank you for your answer :)
Np, glitches are hard to explain. Sorry i'm no programmer or I would have tried :)