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I know rare candy doesn't give your pokemon EVs. but I collected a ton of rare candies in all my games from restarting a lot, I plan on transferring them to one game to level up pokemon. So if I EV train them the way I want, then use rare candies, will this be the same as battling over and over again? or do they gain more stats from battles?


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All a rare candy does is fill up your Exp bar for that level so once you have all EV's there is no need to battle to level up, you could use just rare candies if you wanted and have just as strong of a Pokemon.

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if u give a pokemon the macho brace to hold and then give it a rare candy it will raise all the ev by 2

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They definetly gain more stats from battles. When you use rare candies, your Pokemon end up with horrible stats! By the way, if you want to get rare candies more easily, use an action replay

1.I have them legitimately, I restart my older games a lot, and attach them as items before migrating them.

2.I have already EV trained the pokemon I plan to use them on.
Wow that sounds difficult, getting rare candies like that. I use an action replay, but I don't go nutty with cheats like some people do (you know, like when some one has a level 100 shiny and you just know its not legit) I just use them to get pokemon that are hard to train to a level that matches where I am in the game. Like I won't have a level 60 in the third gym, But now that I beat Diamond I just use them to get my favorite pokemon to lv.50 so I can use them for the Battle Tower.