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Everytime you give a Pokémon a Pokémon Candy of the species it raises every stat by 1. I wonder what is this called. (It's not EVs nor IVs)


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They're called AVs

In LGPE, there's a new hidden value called Awakening Values.

Using certain Candy and raising a Pokémon's level are the only ways to increase a Pokémon's AVs. Every additional AV corresponds to one stat point added after all other calculations are made, with a limit of 200 AVs for each stat. Since AVs are added in after all other calculations have been made, Pokémon with maxed out AVs will have an additional 200 stat points regardless of level, Nature, IV, or friendship.

At each level-up, a Pokémon will gain one AV on a random stat. Candy is required to further increase the AVs. Each stat requires a specific Candy to raise its AV. The more AVs a Pokémon has on a stat, the more Candy is required to raise that stat by an additional AV. Each time Candy is used, the stats will only increase by one point regardless of the Candy's size; however, the larger the Candy used, the less of that Candy is required. Once the AVs of a stat reach a certain threshold, then only larger Candy can be used to further increase that stat.

In addition, species-specific Candy can also be used to boost all of a Pokémon's AVs by one, regardless of current level or AVs, up until 200 AVs. Species-specific Candy are generally harder to find, but can boost a Pokémon's AV much faster.

These are the formulas for calculating stats in LGPE:

other stat

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Awakening_values

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