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I've recently taken up Pokemon Go, and Research Tasks are my passion.

One recurring task involves walking with a buddy Pokemon to earn a specific number of candies, and different Pokemon sometimes have different distances until their next candy.

For instance, a ~900 CP Scyther needs 5 km to find a candy, while a ~100 oddish needs only 3 km.

What Pokemon should I buddy with to earn candies the quickest?

I am assuming that CP level, buddy level, and evolution stage have something to do with it. Is there a set formula for all buddies, or does each Pokemon have a unique "growth rate"?


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This site lists all the Pokemon in GO by buddy distance (1, 3, 5, or 20). 1km is the quickest, of course. A few examples for buddies in this category that I've experienced myself are Magikarp, Wailmer, Zigzagoon, Altaria, Sewaddle, and Cottonee.

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