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Factually speaking, and not including the legendary ones.
One good example of the rarest pokémon I've ever known is Milotic.
So, is there any other pokémon that has to be trained or encountered by an odd way?
This could be useful for people who want to get good pokémon at the GTS.

Shinies i guess...

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Pokémon rarity is changed by version you´re playing. Eg, in Diamond, Palkia is much rarer than Dialga. In Pearl, it´s reversed. In Diamond, rare is Shieldon. In Pearl Cranidos. In HeartGold, Ekans is rare (but may be gained at Safari Zone). In SoulSilver it´s Sanshrew. But you are right that some Pokémon have same (or almost same) rarity in all games. Those are eg. Milotic, Honchrow, Mismagius, Gallade, Froslass... In I and II gen and Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald it were Pokémon evolving by stones. And some evolving by trading. And, until IV gen, fossil - Pokémon were rare. But I think, that Pokémon evolving by trading are less rare in IV gen than they used to be. In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, fossil Pokémon aren´t so rare.

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A really rare one is Zangoose.  You can only get it in Ruby.
Ruby, XD, D/P/Pt while Ruby inserted and Safari Zone in HG/SS.
I aways get honchrow, mismagius, gallade, froslass, Roserade theese are not rare, they are very easy to get and stones very easy to find. Even the traded ones like Rhiperior and Golem, Golem for example is very easy since to get it, you just need to trade a graveller, wich is very easy to get most all games.  Also trade pokemon is very easy, counting pokemons of versions don't make sense.
  The rariest pokemon, not including legendary is Milotic, Dragonite and in some cases, Eeeve.
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well it mainly depends on what version you're playing, but for me, pokemon which are considered rare is eevee i know it's easy to get it from a person but if you want to have all eevelutions it's actually kinda hard but i got it all,for pearl you can get a rare bagon but can't get a rare larvitar, on the other hand in diamond you can get a larvitar but can't get a bagon i think, you see it all depends on your game,yes you're right about milotic but i have one know but it took so long to catch it fishing in every square of that lake

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why are you answering if you don't have as much detials
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It is rare to get an eevee in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but if you get a female, you can breed it. I caught a female, bred her, and now I have more eevees than I know what to do with! Also, Mareanie are rare. Octillery are rare in Black/White, and Ralts are rare in X/Y. Absol are rare in a lot of games, and, of course, Gorebyss and Huntail. All in all, a lot of Pokemon are rare. There are a lot more Pokemon that are rare that are not mentioned in any of these answers.