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I know of a few way and I know that everyone who plays Heart-Gold or Soul-Silver feels as though Game Freak decided to screw. This usually happened about 2 1/2 hours after they bought the game on the release date. I now know what you feel like. There are few areas to level up in HG and SS after the Kanto league has been beaten. It is most frustrating and can make you feel like smacking your head on the wall, no lets say through the wall.

But is there even hope? I know peopl say that it just take a long time, but now I want to ask those people what their definition of time is, eternity? Does anyone ever even get Lv. 100s in this game? (or is that just for hackers) I am feeling weak. :'( What should I do? >_< I know of a few ways though. Might they be hope for me? I will list what I do know. Here they are

  1. Battle Wild Pokemon
    This is best done at either Cerulean Cave(Anything with either a ground weakness or no attacks that do mush damage to ground/rock) and Mt. Silver(for any thing with grass/water/ice moves that will not be OHKO by a ground move.

  2. Fight the E4
    This can be done by leveling up to Lv. 80 +.... hard thing to do. Ooooor you can buy a lot of stuff so you have no money and then just go fight them and lose every time to quickly level up.

  3. Use Rare Candies
    I know that there are like 15 or so rare candies sitting around. They can also be bought at the PokeAthlon for 2000 P on Mondays and Saturdays.

  4. Use the Day Care Services
    This can be very good when leveling up in the wild because your Pokemon slowly gains Experience and eventually can be a high level. But the down side is it takes the longest of any of these ways.

  5. Use an Exp. Share for low level Pokemon
    Like it says "Low level Pokemon"

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OK, honestly, I've got something like ten level 100s, so I'll tell you how I got them:

  1. I trained on those guys until I hit level 50. You don't gain muck EXP form wilds once you're that far.
  2. OK, the Elite Four is probably my best source of EXP, as you gain a fair bit of EXP throughout your later levels. You can also rematch the Gym Leader with their Pokegear Phone Number, which I do a fair bit too.
  3. OK, Rare Candies are definitly out. No EVs = no win. A level 100 without EVs could be sweeped by a level 80 pretty easily. And it's not worth wasting Pokeathlon points on them, either. Don't use this method, unless you're desperate.
  4. The Day Care is pretty good for low level Pokemon. Dump two in whilst training higher levels and hopefully when you come back, they have grown a fair bit too. If it gets full, then give the Pokemon an EXP Share and have it in your Party. Just note that Pokemon don't gain EVs in the Day Care - so be wary leaving them there for too long might not be a great idea. Swapping around is a good tactic.
  5. And the lazy classic, the EXP Share. Allows you to multitask with ease, but it has disadvantages, like you don't gain as much EXP/EVs as you would with direct battle. This one should be used depening on your plot.

- Train on reamtched Gym Leaders.
- Use a traded Pokemon - it gains more EXP than a Pokemon cought be you.
- Battle Red. He'll give some nice EXP.

1. Play the main story completely. By then you will have yourself some good Pokemon.
2. Train on Wild Pokemon if you need more bulk.
3. Rematch the Elite Four/Gym Leaders. They will serve you well.
4. Whilst training your Pokemon with higher levels, have a Pokemon or two in the Day Care, or have one spared over with and EXP Share. If your team is good enough, you can beat the E4 with 4 or 5 'used-killing-the-Elite-Four-because-they-suck' Pokemon. They should fly you up to 100... eventually.
5. Battle Red. Self explanatory.

You'll get there eventually. Patience is what it takes.

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I EV train previous ly so i do not care about using Rare candies. I cannot trade and I am alredy past the kanto gyms. I now just have to beat the E4 and champion again. But thanks for the tips on the Gym leaders. And I am still trying to level up to beat Red.
That's what I put the ordering for - so you could see what you would do first.
first off you do get the same amount of ev's with the expshare and second rare candy's are a great form of quick levels when your ether under leveled or are done ev training all pokemon can only get 510 ev's 255 in one state
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Yeah, the best way to go in my opinion is:

hunt down a chansey with a lucky egg
and have an exp.share
give the exp.share to a Pokemon
put it first in your party
then rematch the gym leaders
and just switch him out with another Pokemon
then when he gets around lvl-35-40
take him to mt.silver and give him the lucky egg
when you get to about 55-60
rematch the gym leaders with the lucky egg

that's usually how I train mine

But I do not wan to spend 20 hours trying to find a lucky egg.
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Well, let me just say, Mt. Silver is the one place in the game (HG/SS) with wild Pokemon around level 50.
If you have a low-level Pokemon, give it an Exp. Share and have him at the front of your party. Once a strong wild Pokemon, immediately switch out the weaker one for a stronger one and take down the foe. With a just-hatched Pokemon, for example, you could could see it go to level 9 after one battle in Mt. Silver easily.

From trainer battles, the best is still to line up a match with Gym Leaders or the Elite Four, or even Red.

If all else fails, there are Rare Candies. Just keep listening in on Buena's Password and she'll give you a Rare Candy every time you get 25 points on your Blue Card.

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There's a ethical question to this but at the Ecruteak Gym there's a place where, if you hold down the up button, it's an endless loop of you falling and then reappearing at the beginning. What you can do is put your Pokémon in the daycare and then tape down the up button overnight. I did this at a lower level but I got my Drowzee from level 13 to 37 in about 6 hours. There's probably quicker methods if you really wanna go through the grind but if you just want to level up to beat Red or compete against a friend, in my case, this is a good way to do it

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If you want to do the Rare Candy Route... You could catch some Teddiursa at Mt. Silver... They have a 50% chance of having the ability Pick Up and at Level 41+ they pick up Rare Candies every once in a while...

Have the Teddiursa(s) in your Party while battling Wild Pokemons and check after the Battle if they pick upped something... It's not that bothersome if you're using Sweet Scent to encounter Wild Pokemons...

Use the Rare Candies once you have enough to reach Level 100 as the latter Levels are the harder to gain Experience...