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Chansey is a stall Pokemon, so leveling it up through fights is out of the question (it would take terrifyingly long). Other than that, is there any way in which I can level up Chansey without evolving it?

just let it sit in back of the party with the exp share while it holds the lucky egg

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  1. Switch on exp share and give it lucky egg -courtesy of CWegz in above comment
  2. Leave it in the day care and go to lumiose centrico plaza and use a coin to hold the circle pad in place to run circles, leave it at night and, voila, it wouldve levelled up considerably by morning
  3. use rare candies (i hv 999x rare candies, I can level it up if you like)
  4. go to the fine dining restaurants and triple battle and have sweepers and give chansey protect, this video demonstrates this.

those are all the ways I know to level up.
hope I helped:)
source: experience

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I'll go for the fine dining restaurants (as you can make money ther too :3)