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I my Chansey's Affection and Enjoyment at maximum, and have it's Fullness at max with it levels up, yet it has yet to evolve. Does anyone have any tips, ideas, or have an explanation to why it hasn't evolved yet?


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Yes, it still evolves into Blissey when it levels up with a Friendship Value of 220 in Pokemon X & Y. Source

What your problem is is that Affection does not equal Friendship. You gain Friendship by walking around with the Pokemon in your party, giving it vitamins, leveling it up, massaging it in Cyllage City, using a Soothing Bag in Super Training, or using EV-Lowering berries on it.

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But it said that and it didn't evolve.
Look at the source page for more info. Here's an illustory example:
"You must really like your <Pokémon> and always keep it by your side!"'
Min. Happiness Value for Message ------ Your Chansey ------ 220 ------ Max. Happiness Value for Message
The source page doesn't say anything about it's happiness...
Alright, it finally evolved.
The source page (the 2nd one, at least) is a detailed article on happiness.
The first (serebii) is how Chansey evolves