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Which one would be good to add to a team in general. standard Chansey with eviolite or standard Clefable? Im just wondering because I don't which one would be better in general(no specific situation).

clef has the ability to check setup sweepers via unaware and twave while it can also run magic guard (i'm assuming that this is what u consider as the standard set). it's a very versatile mon that can check a lot of the tier. chansey on the other hand is a lot more passive and is generally used on stall teams.
yeah thats what i meant thanks
so which one would work out better, just overall

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  • great defensive typing in Fairy
  • decent Special and Physcial bulk
  • amazing abilities in Magic Guard and Unaware
  • amazing support movepool
  • access to reliable recovery
  • excellent Stealth Rock setter


  • shut down by Taunt
  • weak without boosts
  • bulk is underwhelming in the face of powerful attackers


  • unparalleled Special bulk and decent Physcial bulk with Eviolite
  • excellent cleric with access to Heal Bell and Wish (able to pass large wishes due to high HP stat)
  • access to reliable recovery
  • good ability in Natural Cure


  • very passive, even with Toxic and Seismic Toss
  • sub-par defensive typing in Normal
  • struggles with powerful Physical hits
  • foregos Leftovers for Eviolite
  • shut down by Taunt
  • crippled by Knock Off

Generally, Clefable is the more useful Pokemom because it has more pros and less cons, allowing it to fulfill a variety of niches. Chansey's only niche is a Special wall- however, this niche is extremely useful and seen on any good competitive team, and no Pokemon fulfills the niche of a Special wall better than Chansey. This is why Chansey is so popular and strong in competitive, even though it is generally less useful.

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Clefable is obviously a beast with its moveset and even bulk, but if you are looking for a bulky staller, Chansey is they way to go. Both can be used in the same team, if you train them well and provide the best moves. I admire both, but I prefer Clefable because it has a great Movepool, and Chansey has a defense worse than a jack rabbit on a hard pickle. For a Clafable in general, I would recommend the following:

Clefable Item: Leftovers
252 HP/172 Defense/84 Speed
Nature: Calm/ Ability: Magic Guard

Calm Mind: Improves special defense and accuracy, leading to an increased amount of stamina.

Moonblast: After Calm Mind is used at least once, this move will be devastating beyond control.

Soft-Boiled; Used for gradual health recovery over time, this will be helpful for this Clefable based on its EV's.

Thunder Wave/Flamethrower: Both of these can be used for coverage over Clefables weak spots.

Clefable is obviously amazing both defensively and offensively, but Chansey is most definitely not to be excluded. I would use an Eviolite Chansey as a Toxic/Soft-Boiled/Protect Pokémon for its amazing capabilities. I have used this in combat before, and it has not let me down.

Chansey Item: Eviolite
4 HP/252 Defense/252 Special Defense
Nature: Bold/ Ability: Natural Cure

Toxic: A great move to slowly kill your opponent. This corresponds with Chanseys EV's and other moves very well in this case.

Soft-Boiled: A way to quickly recover health like Clefable. This can easily be used with Chanseys amazing Bulk.

Seismic Toss: Mainly included in this Moveset for the Purpose of breaking substitutes, and can be beneficial with Chanseys terrible Attack stat.

Heal Bell/Stealth Rock/Protect: All of these are great for this Pokémon, though I would advise using either Stealth Rock or Protect. Stealth Rock for setting up a way to damage your opponent and negate Sturdy, and Protect to improve Toxics effect drastically.

Chansey and Clefairy are great options, and whichever one you use is greatly determined by the other components of you team. Choose wisely, and good luck.

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Chansey can definetly be used as a wall but for attacking purposes I would use clefable

Clefable @ Leftovers
Wish-Heal yourself or a teammate
Meator Mash-Kills other fairys and if Spa is lowered
(Normals Type move filler)-Body Slam/Hyper Beam
Dazzling Gleam-STAB

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Um, you do realize that 1. clefable is a special attacker and 2. clefable is a fairy-type, right?

Also, it would be helpful if you provided a more exhaustive list of pros and cons.
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Soo clefable would be better?