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So I'm playing Y and I'm at the Pokemon League. I wanna know if this is a good level for dealing with the Elite 4 and Diantha:

My team:
Greninja-Level 65
Diggersby-Level 64
Lucario-Level 64
Charizard-Level 64
Sylveon-Level 66
Frost Form Rotom-Level 64

Is this a good level for taking on the League, or should I grind more? If yes for the latter, where should I go and what level should I reach?

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Btw, I checked the Type Coverage of your team. Via STAB alone, you cover everything BUT Water/Ground-types. Excellent.

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The level range for the Elite 4 are 63-65, while Diantha's is 64-68. I'd probably suggest gaining atleast 4 more levels throughout your team.

But, other than that, you should be prepared.

As for where to grind, I'd suggest grinding in Victory Road.

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Why would you need more levels when the Kalos Elite 4 (and Champion) is the easiest of any generation?
Because "But, other than that, you should be prepared".
You'd gain a couple levels by defeating the Elite 4 members' Pokémon too. I don't think leveling up any further is that necessary.