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So far, the only ways I know of how to make Pokemon level up fast and furious are Victory Road, the Elite Four, and, probably the most effective, the Battle Chateau with the Black Writ of Challenge in effect (and yes, I have made it to Grand Duke before I wrote this), but are there other ways that I do not know of at the moment that are even better, or are my strategies the best the game has to offer? I just wanted to make sure so that I was doing it properly and that it serves me well for the future ahead.

The Battle Restaurant places (whatever they're called...) are usually very good soueces of experience if you have Pokemon at their level.
If i was you, i would hunt for a Lucky Egg and Pokérus. Although i don't yet know how to get a Lucky egg in X / Y, and Pokérus is really hard to get due to the super low odds. But these are two things that will increase your Pokémon's level-up speed
PokeRus doesn't help with experience points, only EVs. Still very much worth getting and holding onto.
To get a Lucky Egg you need to go to Coumarine City Hotel and show a lady a Pokemon with Max Happiness.
@Torterra22 I already had the Lucky Egg and a Pokemon with Pokerus at the time of this writing, so I thought it would go without saying.

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OOH! I got this. First, you need the Pokemon you want to level up, put it into the daycare. Then, when you are about to go to sleep at night, go to Centrico Plaza in Lumiose City and then put something heavy on the left/right side on the arrow pad into somewhere open OR put a coin in the circle pad where you can use a bike so you keep going in a circle automatically. Then, you MUST plug in your charger into your DS and leave your DS open. Eventually, your Pokemon will keep leveling up and when you go to the daycare, your Pokemon will be high in level.

Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ILKagtJ6uQU

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Albeit ths is a good method to level up, it's important to remember that the Daycare does not allow you to gain any EVs. It also starts replacing your moves with other moves you may not want.
I appreciate this idea and all, but not only is Indigo right ("Where are my egg moves?" is a situation that immediately comes to mind.), I feel that even from level 1, it is going to take MONTHS to raise it to level 100, I know from experience. Even worse, you still have to PAY to finalize the process, and when you're low on cash, that can turn into a huge problem. Not trying to sound cynical, but I see issues with this method is all I'm saying.
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get a lucky egg and then train in high lvl places.