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so I was watching a top 10 most powerful sinnoh Pokemon video to help me beat lucian. and I was like "ugh I don't have any of these Pokemon, wait a minute, - intense zooming in every word - yes I do. " it was lucario on #3 which is lvl 20. but elite four means lvl 50s. but XP shares didn't exist in gen 4. so how do I level up lucario quickly?

Exp. Share existed well before gen 4. It has always been a part of the games

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You could try searching for wild Chanseys in an attempt to obtain a Lucky Egg on Route 209, Route 210, and the Trophy garden, but it's a rare encounter, and Chansey only holds the item 5% of the time, so it will probably be very time consuming unless you're a really lucky person.

If you can't be bothered to search for a Chansey, I'd recommend just going to a Route where your Lucario can KO Pokemon easily and train there for a while, then move onto a route with higher level Pokemon to battle once you've trained a bit. Basically just keep moving through routes until Lucario is a high enough level to have a chance at beating the Elite Four. It takes a long time, but it's how I've always done things.

Hope I helped!

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sorry I best answered late. I forgot about this question. also i am lucky.