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I am training my lucario is extreme speed worth it he knows psychic, dragon pulse and aura sphere as well but I want to know if I should keep it it is useful for fighting alakazam but should I use somthing else ps. I already wasted my flash cannon when I was a noob I am playing platinum I aso want to know where to ev train him becuase the last time I ask I got a bad answer

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By the way, Flash Cannon is the top prize in the Goldenrod Department Store Lotto, on Tuesdays.

Also, if you "wasted" the TM on a male pokemon, there's a chance you could breed it onto a new baby lucario (well, riolu I guess).
i wasted my iron tail and flash cannon on my onix when i was fighting candice

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I might reccomend Iron tail or close combat instead. They have much higher power and it might be helpful to have a physical move in case you have to battale a guy with higher sp. defense than defense.

I like Close Combat, plus it's a fighting move so Lucario gets STAB.
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It seems like you're doing a special sweeper lucario so extremespeed isn't the best idea, I would choose vacuum wave if you want priority. Shadow Ball hits alakazam plenty hard.