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Furthermore, how is it that the Lucario doesn't have any EVs to begin with when joining my party? EVs aren't supposed to reset when transferred to a new trainer.


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This is just a mechanic in the game, there's no logic or canon information to support it. In theory, Lucario would have EVs and Korrina's OT and all that jazz, but for some reason it doesn't.

I think the best explanation is that Lucario is a gift Pokémon, not a trade Pokémon, and therefore has all the features of a trade Pokémon. For example, Bill loves Eevee. He gives you an Eevee, but it is not his OT — it's yours.

Um, I hope this explains it, if it doesn't let me know. Sometimes I'm bad at writing down my thoughts.

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This is so you can decide how to train its EVs (if you received it and it was EV trained in Defence and Sp. Defence it wouldn't be very useful) and also she gave it to you as a gift, so its not hers anymore and maybe Lucario sees the player as its original trainer.

Hope I helped and also good question! :D

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