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She kind of ruined lucario for me, why?

Because Pokémon rarely, if ever, speak English?
Why would it talk? I'm pretty sure that the only only Pokemon that has ever spoken English is Meowth.
Like not talk, but I'm pretty sure lucario can communicate words with aura or whatever.
lucario does it in the 8th movie. slowbro uses telepathy in the second movie. mewtwo uses telepathy in the first movie. zorua uses it in the ninth movie. etc.etc.etc.
Slowking also speaks plain English in the Lugia movie.

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Pokemon that communicate with their minds have either immense psychic powers or deeply ingrain focus and ties to humanity. Korrina and her Lucario are disciplined, but not as ridiculously so as the Lucario that showed signs of telepathy in the movie.

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True I suppose, and I guess it didn't fit the mood of the episodes, still, they kinda ruined lucario a bit in my opinion, they didn't have to hear his words, just a sign that he was talking to korrina would do.